State Farm Car Insurance Review

State Farm Car Insurance Review

State Farm positions third in general in our 2022 Best Car Insurance Quote rating. It performs well in a few key classes, including customer dedication, customer proposals, and strategy restorations.

State Farm Pros and Cons


  • Solid, generally speaking, customer service and strategy restoration scores
  • Less than ideal rates for most drivers


  • Higher rates for drivers with unfortunate credit

Is State Farm Car Insurance Good?

Is State Farm Car Insurance Good?

Indeed, State Farm is great car insurance for most drivers. Given our customer overview results, State Farm procures the No. 2 spot in our Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022 rating with a score of 4.2 out of 5. It additionally has better than expected scores in every subcategory we examined, including customer fulfillment, claims taking care of, strategy restorations, and customer proposals.

State Farm likewise has cutthroat rates and positions No. 3 in our Cheapest Car Insurance Companies rating. State Farm customers pay $1,267 yearly for coverage, around 17%, not exactly the public average of $1,529. USAA and Geico are the primary two safety net providers in our review to offer the below rates.

State Farm Customer Service

State Farm takes the No. 2 spot in our Best for Customer Service subtracting. In light of our customer review results, State Farm scores a 4.35 out of 5. 59% of State Farm customers who have not documented a case say they are happy effortlessly reaching customer service and the service they got. Customers who documented a case gave comparable input. However, fulfillment rates dropped marginally to 56%.

State Farm Claims Handling

State Farm positions No. 5 in our Best for Claims Handling class, scoring a 4.2 out of 5. Almost 56% of State Farm customers say they are pleased with no sweat documenting a case. Nearly 55% of customers say they are delighted with how the organization settled their cases. While State Farm's scores are, for the most part, better than expected, not exactly 50% of those reviewed say they are happy with the correspondence they got during their case insight.

State Farm Customer Loyalty

Our overview results indicate that State Farm positions third for customer faithfulness. Our Best for Customer Loyalty classification assesses guarantors in light of how likely customers are to recharge their arrangement and prescribe their current backup plan to another driver looking for coverage.

Almost 43% of our respondents who didn't record a case say they will probably suggest State Farm. That number drops to 40% among customers who registered a case. Half of the respondents, the people who documented an issue and the individuals who didn't, say they will probably recharge their strategy.

The amount Is State Farm Car Insurance?

State Farm has the third-most minimal rates among the ten organizations we broke down. On average, State Farm customers pay $1,267 per year for coverage. That is about $272 below the public average. Just USAA and Geico offer lower rates.

The amount Is State Farm Car Insurance?

Express Farm's rates usually are less than ideal for most drivers, and it has profoundly cutthroat rates for high schooler drivers and those with a mishap or a DUI on their record. Notwithstanding, drivers with unfortunate credit might need to consider elective backup plans. On average, drivers with woeful credit pay $3,654 per year for coverage with State Farm, almost $900 more than the public average.

Remember that car insurance rates differ by age, location, driving record, financial record, and vehicle type. Therefore, the amount and coverage you pick will affect your average rate. Consider car insurance quotes from around three safety net providers before deciding your choice. Doing so can assist you with tracking down the most minimal rate and the best approach for you.

State Farm Car Insurance for You

State Farm Rates for Teen Drivers

High schooler drivers regularly pay something else for car insurance since they have restricted insight in the driver's seat. Nonetheless, drivers who pick State Farm might see rates below the public average. Female adolescent drivers save around 40% when contrasted with the general standard. Male adolescent drivers usually save approximately 35%. On the off chance that you have a high schooler driver on your strategy, it's wise to think about USAA and Geico, the two of which offer cutthroat rates.

State Farm Rates for Young Adult Drivers

Drivers in their mid-twenties, as a rule, see lower rates than youngsters, which is valid with State Farm. It offers the third-most minimal rates for drivers in this classification, with rates that are 24% to 27% below the public average. Assuming you fit into this class, likewise think about USAA and Geico, the two of which proposition rates lower than those presented by State Farm.

State Farm Rates for Adult Drivers

State Farm has the third-least average rates for grown-up drivers in their mid-thirties. Both male and female drivers in this class can see rates that are 23% below the public average. USAA has the most reduced rates for grown-up drivers; however, if you're not qualified for enrollment, you may likewise need to consider Geico and Nationwide.

State Farm Rates for Senior Drivers

Senior drivers guaranteed through State Farm pay similar average rates, paying little heed to being male or female. State Farm stands firm on its third-place footing in this class, with velocities lower than six of the different safety net providers we dissected. On average, drivers in this classification pay 22% to 24%, not exactly the public average.

State Farm Rates After an Accident

A mishap can adversely influence your rates, particularly assuming you're to blame. Notwithstanding, State Farm has the most reduced rates for drivers with an accident on their record. By and large, drivers who fit into this classification can expect speeds 30% below the public average. American Family likewise offers cutthroat rates for drivers with a mishap on their record.

The amount Is Minimum Coverage with State Farm?

Most states expect drivers to carry the least coverage. However how much and what sort of coverage is required shifts. Given our information, State Farm has the third-most reduced least coverage rates, beating the public average by more than $260 annually. USAA and Geico are first and second, separately, for the year.

The amount Is High Coverage with State Farm?

High coverage and whole coverage policies are ordinarily more costly than most minor ones, yet they can offer stretched-out monetary security to specific drivers. State Farm has the fourth-least average rates for drivers looking for high coverage. Its rates are almost 17% below the public average.

State Farm Car Insurance Discounts

State Farm customers might have the option to bring down their rates by making the most of a few markdown valuable open doors accessible. Normal limits accessible to State Farm customers incorporate significant driver, multi-policy, and vehicle security limits. In any case, reserve funds' potential open doors and qualifications differ by state, so it's wise to contact an agent or visit the State Farm site to determine the limits accessible to you or different drivers on your strategy.

Extra State Farm limits are recorded beneath.

  • Drive Safe and Save rebate
  • Stay away markdown
  • Mishap Free driving markdown
  • Cautious driving course markdown
  • Great driver markdown
  • Vehicle wellbeing markdown
  • Uninvolved limitation rebate
  • Against burglary rebate
  • Faithful customer markdown
  • Various auto markdown (multi-vehicle)
  • Various line markdown (multi-policy)
  • Great understudy rebate
  • Restoration markdown
  • Understudy away at school Discount

What Types of Car Insurance Does State Farm Offer?

Drivers considering State Farm accident protection can browse a few usual sorts of coverage, including responsibility insurance, uninsured/underinsured driver coverage, and individual injury security (PIP). In addition, state Farm offers various coverage choices and additional items that can assist you with altering your arrangement.

  • Liability insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Emergency road service coverage
  • Car rental and expensive travel coverage
  • Rideshare driver coverage
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Medical payments (MedPay) coverage
  • Classic car coverage

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